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Earlier this year, our 16 year old daughter whom we have been having problems with of sneaking out of the house or just taking off for days, decided with three of her so called friends to take pills to get high. Unbeknown to her, they were not pain pills like she was told but seizure pills. My daughter went into convulsions and was not responding. I woke up Sunday morning and had a strong feeling that I should stay close to home. (I did not like missing church) Around 10:30 we got a call that our daughter had gone into seizures in the back seat of a car and the ambulance was transporting her to the hospital. She had OD'd.  Before we headed out the door, I called our church and told them what happened. Service was stopped right then and prayer began. Upon arriving at the hospital, the doctor informed us that things did not look good and he didn't think our daughter would live. I had never prayed so hard in my life as we sit there beside her with her little body jerking and she not being able to respond. They put her in ICU and we sat there continuing to pray. My middle daughter had no way down to the hospital so reluctantly I left my baby's side ran home to get my other daughter. Upon returning to the hospital, she was sitting up wide awake, full of spunk, and hungry. Praise God if this wasn't the power of prayer then I don't know what it was. God saved my child's life and I know without a doubt He is going to touch her again and save her soul because there isn't a day that goes by that I don't pray for her and God does answer prayers. Lavita Harju Oklahoma

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