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Faith is a work in progress! Here is an example in my life. A friend of mine
who recruited me to the prison ministry asked me to help carry the
Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe into the Federal prison camp
so the Women inmates would have a chance to pray the rosary with

Now if you have never seen this Missionary Image it is a replica photograph
of the image in Mexico, which measures approximately 42Ē wide and 72Ē high
and folds in half to enable shipping and mobility. It has a large ornate
frame around her and comes with a pole to set her up for display. It is one
of two photographs that travel all over the world. Charlotte each year takes
the time to get the Image and brings it to several local churches, dining
halls, nursing homes and schools.

This would have been my 3rd trip out the camp this week with the Image and
we were scheduled to enter the menís Federal Correctional Institution later
in the day. I was late by about 15 minutes so it was a rush, rush kind of
thing so I picked up the Image and scurried as fast as I could into the camp
chapel. When I finally arrived I was exhausted! I noticed that I had my
mobile phone still hanging at my side and that is a violation of the
volunteer rules! I needed to get rid of that phone.

I told Charlotte that I was going back to the parking lot to get rid of the
phone! She said Ok and began setting up the image. It took perhaps 5 or 6
minutes to get back to the chapel. However when I arrived, there stood
Charlotte and Maria (a Spanish speaking volunteer) with two women inmates
(Maria and Ramunda) in a heated argument while standing in front of Our Ladyís Image!

I had no idea what was wrong since I donít speak or understand Spanish, but
this was something I have never experienced in the past 3 years of visits to
the camp. The participants shocked me, these two people are very reverent
and one of the ladies Ramunda, who does not speak English ever speaks out in
any way.  As soon as the crowd dispersed, and some order was restored, I
asked Maria to step out of the room with me, since she does speak English.

I asked her what on earth could possibly be wrong? She said there has been
trouble brewing between the two for a few weeks. She said that the Ramunda
was the aggressor, and she was doing everything she could to avoid her. I
asked Maria to please consider what Jesus would do in this situation. I told
her to please honor the way of Christ, and apply only love to this difficult
situation. As we were discussing there was a knock on the door, and
Charlotte asked if we would come and look at the image.

I stood in the doorway of the Chapel and there were tears coming from the
Blessed Virginís eye. There was also a tear on her knee as if it had dropped
from her eye, but there was no stream of water from the eye to the knee, so
it appeared as if She had leaned her head out from the tilted surface. Well
being a contractor I automatically looked up at the ceiling tiles to see if
water was dripping from the tiles!  The ceiling was bone dry without any
indication of water or water stains! I walked up to the image and touched
the tear it was real. I looked to see if there were any other sources where
this water could have come from, nothing! It was indeed a tear from Our
Lady. There were perhaps 20 to 25 inmates in the chapel that witnessed this,
the room was quiet, and they began to recite the Rosary.

I donít know if the situation between Ramunda and Maria has been resolved, I
do know that both women hugged me and broke out in tears like I have never
seen before. Each said they were very sorry for the outburst and asked us
for our forgiveness.

Was this a miracle? For the past 3 years I had been listening to Charlotte
describe all of the special things that have happen in front of this Image,
claims of curing ill people, brining people together, stopping abortions,
the smell of roses. I must admit I did not believe these claims, I doubted
that they really happened. After seeing the tears first hand, and smelling
the roses just a few days prior has my faith strengthened. Faith truly is a
work in progress.

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