Our Little Angel
                                                        By: geneandtammy@charter.net

Well, where do I begin?? Megan was our miracle child from the start. We had wanted
a child for 17 years and the doctors all said I could not get pregnant. I was saved but
my husband was not although he was a wonderful husband, he was not saved.
After 17 years of marriage he had gotten saved and the very month he got saved is
the month I got pregnant, we were overjoyed! When I was about 4 months pregnant
they did an ultrasound and told us she was going to be born with all of her intestines on the
outside, that very night we prayed about it. My husband got up the next morning and said
for me to call the doctor and have him do another ultrasound because he said he knew
the Lord had healed the baby. I called the doctor and he said he knew the baby's stomach
would not be healed, he said he had diagnosed over 200 of these and he did not have a
doubt that nothing will have changed but we insisted. Three days later they did another
ultrasound, her stomach was perfect!! God had healed her! Then, when I was about 5 months
pregnant they told us that she had fluid around her kidneys and she would have to have surgery
for that as soon as she was born, once again we prayed, by the time I was 8 months pregnant
the fluid was gone, the Lord had healed her kidneys this time. Megan was born January 21st at
12:40pm with the cord wrapped around her neck 3 times but with no complications, once again
the Lord had watched over her. Megan weighed 7 lbs & 11 oz and was 19 inches long.


                         Megan and Mamaw

She was always such a healthy baby, never even so much as an ear infection. She was
so very smart, she was praising the Lord in church by the time she was 6 months old.
By the time she was 10 months old she was putting 2 words together, her pediatrician
was amazed by how smart she was. One day, about 6 months ago, I was at work and
my mom called me saying Megan had been throwing up and crying alot. I went home and
took her to the local hospital and they said she was dehydrated from a "little" virus, they
transported her to the hospital in the next town. All night I told them I felt like something
was not right. They kept saying it was just a virus, she would be ok. The next morning her
doctor came in and took an x-ray. She IMMEDIATLY sent her by ambulance to
T.C. Thompsons Childrens Hospital. When we got there they called us in a little room
and told us our little 11 month old daughter whom we loved so very much had Cardiomyapathy,
a virus that attacked her heart, and that she had about 2 hours to live. We were devastated.
They let us go back to ICU to see her, she was hooked up to about 14 different IV'S
and she was on a breathing machine. By this time there were about 50 friends and family there.
We all began to pray fervently. Her 2 hours turned into all night then they said she would
not make it through the night. She did. They tried 3 times over the course of 3 weeks to
get her off of the breathing machine and finally the 3rd try she was able to come off of it.
She did great and they let her come home. She was home about 3 weeks and started
getting sick again, her doctor once again had us take her to TC Thompsons, with each
passing day she got worse. She was in heart failure once again. The last day she was
there they put her back on the breathing machine, she had been there about 2 weeks
this time. The day they put her back on the breathing machine they took her by life flight
to Atlanta Childrens Hospital, to wait for a heart. She was immediatly put on the transplant
list but we were told she was the sickest child in icu. They had her sedated and paralized
so she did not use any of her own strength, she could not afford to, she was our little
angel and she was dying. Every passing day Megan got worse, we kept praying, we never
gave up on her although we told God if it was in his will to take her home we would
understand, that was the hardest prayer I ever prayed. One day they called us up there
to tell us that Megan's kidneys were failing and they were going to have to put her
on "ECMO" a heart , lung & kidney machine, we had no choice, they told us all they
were doing was buying time, hard words to hear. They scheduled the procedure
 for 7:00 P.M. but before 7:00 came Megan went into cardiac arrest at about 3:00 P.M.
They did CPR on her several times and put her on ECMO right then. They came and
told us she had died several times but they got her back. They kept telling us she was
not going to make it, we kept praying and believing in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Megan's testimony was too mighty to let her go. Megan had been on ECMO about
3 days when they came and told us her heart was so huge they had no choice but to go
in through a heart catherazation and pierce the back of her heart to relieve the pressure
but, he told us he did not think she would ever survive this surgery, she was just too weak.
Well, she made it through that but while she was still in there she began bleeding from
somewhere and the doctors could not figure out where the blood was coming from, he
tried for several hours to stop the blood but they could not even figure out where the blood
was coming from. We were devastated. Once again they said they felt sure she was dying.
They came out and told us the only thing they had left to do was have the heart surgeon come
in and cut her chest open to see if they could find out where the blood was coming from
but they felt sure when they did that she would just be bleeding from everywhere and she
would die right there on the table but if they did not do it she would bleed to death for sure.
They let about 20 of us go in and kiss her good-bye, my husband got up there and
kissed her and through his sobbing I heard him say to her "Megan, I know you are
with Jesus now and if you want to stay with Him that's ok but if you want to come back
to Mommy & Daddy just tell Jesus" They carried me out of there. We went back to
the room where we had been waiting all day and got down on our knees and began
praying crying out to God as loud as we could to please save our baby. My pastor
went to the verse in the Bible that stops blood, Ezekiel 16:6 and he read it and we all
claimed it, 10 minutes later they came out and said the blood just stopped!! They could
not believe it! She was on blood thinners and ECMO, which also thins your blood. The
doctor said there was no "earthly" reason why that blood should have stopped, but it did,
we knew it was the Lord. They never cut her open, it stopped right before the doctor
cut her. (Abraham & Issac!) They told us we could come see her in a little bit but they
still did not think she would make it through the night. One hour later they came to get
us again, they said they needed to speak to me and my husband alone, you know what
we thought! But we were wrong, we could not believe what they had come to tell us,
they had found our baby a heart! She got her new heart the next morning around
8:00 am. We were told there would be complications because she was so sick, there
were none, we were told her chest would be open, it was closed, they told us she would
be on a special venilator that shook you real hard, she was on a regular one, they told us
she would still be on ECMO, she was not! GOD IS GREAT! Well, we thought our
storm was over but when they started letting her wake up about 4 days later they realized
she had a "severe" brain injury from her heart stopping so many times that one day.
The neurology team said she was hopeless! WE KEPT PRAYING! She could not bend
her arms or her legs, she just looked straight ahead, she would not respond to anything or
anybody, we kept praying!! 8 weeks after her surgery, she came home! She is now moving
her arms, moving her legs, laughing, smiling and learning everything over again but she's
getting there and she's only 13 weeks post transplant!! GOD IS GREAT!!


June 18, 2003
Megan's therapist said this morning she can't believe how well Megan is doing!!

Everybody that knows Megan good knows her favorite thing to say was "what's that?"
and this morning we were laying there with her and just out of the blue me and Gene
BOTH heard her say, "what's that?" Gene said , "did you hear that?" I said I sure did!!
Also, yesterday, my mom said when I walked out of the room Megan said MOM VERY plain!!
and she has just been saying MA instead of mom!! PRAISE GOD PRAISE GOD!!! EVERYBODY PRAISE GOD!!!!

Nobody knows what Gene and I have been through but we want to share with the world what GOD can and will do if you only believe!!!

We love you all!!
Gene, Tammy & Megan

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