A Miracle Healing
By: Anonymous

When I was a teenager I went though a very hard time.  During the course of my young adult youth I did many things and activities but not really actually present in my mind on the activities.  One time I went to a beach and I caught a wave, as I rode the wave I was pounded by it and the power of the wave pushed me into a piece of reef that was close to the waters surface.  I felt the impact immediately but I didn't know how badly I was injured.  I was told, by a lifegaurd if I remember correctly, that there was a hole above my eye which was the size of a quarter.  A plastic surgeon repaired my wound in order to repair it as best as possible.  My face never looked the same after the accident.  I never saw an ex-ray of the damage but I knew I had shattered bones which gave my face it's shape.  The right side of my face was still the same but the left side looked severely different.  The main injury was right above my eye brow, in the middle area above were my eye brow grows.  But my whole left side of the face was affected.  The accident at the beach happened in the year 2000.  So I would look in the mirror often and hate what I saw.  I wished somehow I could have the face I was born with again.  In 2005 I moved back home to Hawaii, which is were the accident happened.  Through the years after high school my beliefs really changed.  I didn't believe god was real or if I did have a little belief my doubts got the best of me.  In 2005 my aunty invited me and my mother to a healing service at church, I wondered if some kind of gifted person who had the ability to heal people existed, so I jumped at the opportunity to go to the healing church service.  When I got there the pastor talked for what felt like two hours and I was pretty furious and in my anger wanted to leave but my overwhelming desire for the face I once had kept me in the church.  When the pastor finally finished, the healing service started and there were a few specific people whom you could go up to for prayer.  I was very self conscious and concerned what the person who would pray for me would think of my prayer request for healing over my face so I could have the face I had before the accident.  So he asked me some personal questions and I was honest with some of the questions not so honest with others but than he asked me so do you want to know if god is real.  I really wanted to know if he was truly real or not and I said I would like to see some thing physical that I could actually see that I could have absolutely no doubts whatsoever if god was real.  He prayed a  very simple but detailed prayer for my face.  And after a little while more of talking with him after the prayer I went home with my mom.  When I got home although I was nervous about if anything happened or not I looked in the bathroom mirror and as christ as my witness my face looked different, I went into my room were I had a big mirror and stared at my face, as I stared obsessively the whole swelling in my face went down and I watched with my own eyes in the mirror as I saw my face literally change.  From that day and after my life changed completely.  What i've come to realize is that god knew very deeply my intense and everlasting pain day in and day out.  And even though a somewhat vein prayer it was, he looked beyond that and at me so healed me and at that time my whole life also.  I don't know if this part matters or not but as a child I went to a christian preschool, my mom was a christian but did not have any knowledge of the bible, she just received christ through a friend when she was 18 years old.  I am 28 years old now, I am a male I won't tell my name but I was born and raised on Oahu, one of the Hawaiian Islands.  May his gentle presence carry you through life and pain. 

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