In October of 2000, I was painting my living room with a brand of paint I had never used before & due to the wet weather, I did not open any windows to circulate fresh air. I experienced a mild headache towards the end of the evening but thought it was nothing more than a hard days work. I went to bed that night tired but otherwise fine. Then I had a "dream" that someone was knocking on my bedroom door. In the dream I remember thinking I don't lock my door why is someone knocking but I got up anyway to answer it. When I opened it a man was standing there. He had dark curly hair and wore glasses. He said to me silently without words (though I heard them in my mind) "You need to breathe."  I just stood there wondering what he meant and then again he said very firmly and loud (in words this time) " YOU NEED TO BREATHE NOW." I awoke startled because he was so serious and firm and I was not breathing. I gasped for air but could not get any. I grabbed my husband and he awoke and asked me what was wrong. I could not speak but was choking so he turned on the light. I began breathing but it took some time for me to calm down enough to realize what had just happened. I didn't fall back to sleep that night being afraid of a repeat experience so I went out to my living room and then remembered I had been painting that day. I have never had trouble breathing at night and have not since but I am very careful now to use eco-friendly paint as I believe I had an allergic reaction of some kind to the paint & lack of ventilation. I can only think that God knew it wasn't my time & sent an angel to wake me that night.
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