Second Chance

March of 2000 I had Kidney failure along with Guillien Berre, I had to do Dialysis and it was the most painful process to get poked twice by a thick needle3 times a week just  to clean your blood.  Many people prayed for me.  
I love my family they are always there for me.  1year and 8 months passed and Dialysis drains you I kept getting tired of Dialysis and weaker I felt like I was dying slowly like my life was draining out of me and there would be no future.  I could not tell you how much I prayed that week. 
The last night of Dialysis I prayed Nov 13, 2002 I went to bed and cried myself to sleep in prayer I asked God to forgive me for my sinful ways and if I hurt anyone's feeling to heal them. I fell asleep and my last words to God was I give up Lord I don't know if I can do this anymore either take me or heal me. 
Midnight, seriously Midnight I get a call from my husband transplant called me and wants you to call them my first thought, Oh NO Something is wrong but my husband said just call. 
I called and they said they had a kidney from Dallas from a 24 year old young man and they wanted me to not eat anything and go to the hospital first thing in the morning to get tested. 
8:00 am on November 14, 2002  I was there they put me in a room and I was so nervous and my blood was tested. The nurse came in the room around 2 pm and said why aren't you dressed I said for what she said it is a match, You are about to go into surgery in the next few minutes.  I waited  till she left and My husband jumped around for joy she said it should take 4-6 hours max.  My thought was wow I will be out for a long time. 

Here is where the hand of God takes over Surgery it took 1 hour in a half.  Kidney took over and started to work in an hour after the surgery I have not needed Dialysis since then. Miracle Yes, True Story Yes...Yes...Yes....Kidney is still alive and functioning well. 

This is my second chance in life to tell everyone I love them and to make mends. 

This was Power of prayer and I am his miracle ....December 15, 2010
and here is my chance to tell you all to believe. "BELIEVE"

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