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When my sister was sixteen she was diagnosed with leukemia it was a real hard time for my family I  fell into a state of depression and started to lose my faith in God.  Something inside of me told me to hold on, things would be better.  My sister is  the one who bestowed the faith back in me.  She helped me even though she was ill.  I wanted to do something in return for her.  She kept on telling me to have faith and at times I saw that she was scared and felt like she had none herself.
I remember one day I was at the hospital and the nurses and doctors told us that we were allowed only a short stay and that none of us could get close to her.
It tore at my heart that I couldn't even hug her or touch her to make her feel better.  I asked God at that moment if I could and felt like he said yes, we embraced one another and started crying.  On my way out, I asked the doctors if she would be home for Christmas they told me only a miracle would allow that.
Every night I prayed for God to send her home better and my wish for her was for it to snow on Christmas at 12 AM.
The doctors still told me she wouldn't but I told them yes she would and that miracle would happen but they were doubtful.  On that day God sent her home the doctors were amazed but I new he bestowed a miracle.  He helped her to overcome her illness and she went home. Then again that very night, as it turned 12 AM, it started snowing.  The whole family cried and I screamed in joy as tears came down my face.  My sister and I knew, as the whole family, that God touched us.  She was fine from then on.   4 years later to the day, she became sick again this time I just wanted to end my life and give her hers back.
Again, His miracle happened.  I prayed with my family my sister was once again in the hospital and asked God to give me a sign that all would be well.
He did.  When I went to bed that night, I awoke with this strange feeling and walked into the kitchen, the same place we held our prayers.  My soul was lifted and I felt an inner peace.  He left the scent of lilacs in the air, then I knew all would be fine.  But yet again he left me a sign.  When I slept on the couch after 1 hours sleep in about 3 days I believe he was next to me that night.  I felt his hand on my hand as if in saying to go to the hospital in which I asked him for help and that he did.  Peace filled the house again that night his presence with us.  Behind, he left another reminder, the scent of lilacs.  To me that was God's way of saying to go forth all would be well.  His miracle to me were the scent of flowers.  That was my awakening, He was there and I was blessed to be touched by Him.  Now, 3 years have passed and my sister is in remission.  God truly pleased her and me for He opened my eyes and heart to Him once again.  My sister also said she seen things and those times were when I seen them too.  He connected us in a way that helped us to hold on in the tough times.  I just want to tell all that if you are ever alone and in need of help, ask and He will.  Listen with your heart and you will hear Him reaching out to you.  My prayers goes out to everyone good or bad for we all need help finding our way even the bad ones for they are lost and need people to help them find the way home.  I did and so can you.  God bless you and thank you God for helping my sister.  Keep her in your prayers so she passes the five year remission.  I know could has but we need to help to.
thank you

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