My Miracle Son


Back in 1986 my husband and I gave birth to our second son who was born with multiple holes in his heart and a missing heart valve.  At the age of 2 months old he underwent open heart surgery and had a shunt placed in his heart.  Although this shunt was to take the place of the missing valve and sustained him until he was ready for corrective surgery, which would have been about 4 years old, he passed away at the age of 8 months. 

Then in 1990 I became pregnant with our third son.  At five months pregnant I began having a tremendous amount of pain and went to the ER.   After an intense examination and an ultrasound my husband and I was told that this son too, would be born with the same congenital heart disease that our second son had.  We knew this meant inevitable death and I broke down and began crying uncontrollably.  However, my husband, who has always been a pillar of faith, gently laid his hand on my stomach and began to call forth the healing power of the Blood of Jesus Christ and rebuked the demon of disease and death.   About two doctors and four nurses stood around the monitor, all agreeing that they only saw three valves instead of four, as they heard the low spoken words of the prayers of my husband.

I was then scheduled to go to a hospital about 20 miles away for absolute confirmation, since that particular hospital held the title, the Children's Hospital of NJ.  The appointment was scheduled for ten days later and I must say that those were ten of the hardest days of my life.  My husband, however was so confident in God's healing power that he was able to go on with life as usual, playing with our oldest son, joking, laughing, sleeping peacefully at night and having a grand time.  He was also trying to convince me to trust in God as well and although I tried I still fell short of having that mustard seed of faith.

Well the day came for the appointment and my husband refused to go with me to the hospital and instead went to work; his reason "I told you, the baby is fine, trust in God."  I remembered laying on the hospital bed as the technician performed the ultrasound procedure. After about four minutes she nonchalantly  exclaimed "Oh there they are, all four valves."  I still did not believe her, in fact, I was in such disbelief, that not only did she outline the four valves with this red light that could only show up on the monitor, she also called another doctor in who just so happened to be walking pass the room where the procedure was taking place.  The technician cleared the screen and with the fetus heart still on the monitor, asked the doctor how many valves did she see in the heart.  The doctor also pointed out four heart valves and highlighted them just as the technician did. 

It was only then that I realized the miracle that had just taken place.  I don't know if the miracle took place at the very moment my husband began to pray or the very moment I stepped into that Children's Hospital, but what is evident is that sometime, within those ten days, God created a fourth valve in our unborn son's heart.

Our son is now a 20 year old, healthy young man - a good kid with a good heart.

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