The Hot Tub

My best friend Danielle and I were in her hot tub one summer night (2004) and we were having a great time.  Her father's friends always just walk in and nobody really pays attention.  We had been in the hot tub for about 30 minutes and I thought we'd be in for a while.
We both saw smoke coming from the other side of the hot tub behind a wall.  I assumed it was just a person smoking but soon enough, sparks started flying! Danielle's imediate reaction was to jump out of the tub right after I said, "We're gonna' get electricuted!"
She jumped out first and I was right behind her.  I ran accross the deck and forgot my towel.  I thought that for a serious matter like that, there was no need to grab a towel.  It was tossed to me anyway.  The hot tub had used a lot of power and it turned off the power to the whole tiny trailor in the darkness of night.  We were scared out of our wits!
What we realized afterward was a shock and a miracle.  The power source of the hot tub (which had been sparking) Was right above a full bottle of lighter fluid.  There had also been a can of aerasol hair spray by the sparks.  I realized that it was a miacle that we had not been subjected to such a disaster as a burnt down deck-and possibly house, and an electricuted body and bestfriend.  Her father wouldn't have even known in time because he was asleep on the couch.  I thank God for the miracle and know that he was watching out for us.

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