The Money

im 14 and my dad passaway on 4/18/11 and he did not have a will and nothing was in my mom's name and ever though he had a really good job we did not have alot of money and we live in a big house. me and my mom pray for gods help. a little after that we found out he had an insurance policy for $400,000 but he miss the last payment on it due to being layoff that month and his job would not give it to us. The before  father's day (also the 3 month anniversary of my dad passing) i seen a car outside my house and it was his car but i know my nana had his car at the moment i try to look at who was driving i seen an arm(look like his) a shirt that he use to wear alot to work but no face. around 2-3 weeks later my mom ask "have hear form daddy lately" i look at her like she was psychotic and then she said " i mean like the car" i reply no and start to walk up the stairs half way up here the phone ring and then i here the caller id and it said "Mantech" and that where he worked and they called to say we got the insurance money and in  in 4weeks time we came to find alot of his 4o1ks and now we want from not know where we were going to live to have over $500,000 



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