Year 1996, I had planned to drive to Atlanta GA to visit my boyfriend at the time.  Before I left, my father called me to say a prayer together for a safe trip.  I stayed at my b-friend's place overnight and had to leave early in the morning to get to work on time which was  an hour and a half drive.  It was still quite dark and raining that morning.  I remember driving next to an 18 wheeler truck when my car started hydroplaining.  Wrong choice due to panic, I stepped on the breaks and next thing I know my car was spinning around that seemed like forever.  I kept my foot on the breaks while this was happening hoping that the car would come to a halt, but didn't.  Instead,  it just made it worse because my car was still spinning in circles.  Then it came to me that this was it, I was going to fly through the windshield and it would be the end of me.  There was this brick wall dividing the highway and I just knew that my car would soon crashed into it.  The car finally came to a stop right next to the brick wall and I was still shaking and couldn't believe what just happened.  To my great amazement, there were no cars around when my car stopped spinning.  And what about during the spinning?  How was I able to avoid hitting other cars when this occured during traffic hours.  I then realized my dad telling me to pray before my trip was the cause of  my great miracle.  God cleared the highway for me so that I can live today.  God has been great to me in all these years.  He has always given me things I've asked for in a timely manner.  My faith in him is stronger than ever.

We are not promised tomorrow by any means, but thank god for each day he does give us here on earth.  Faith in God is our only way to a greater life on earth.

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