What God Did For Me
By: faith0263@yahoo.com.au

I was at the very lowest of the low where my faith was concerned. I was doubting God, questioning Him, mad  , in fact about ready to give up on my life, literally and there are a few on here, that know that. Without them and God intervening the way He did, well I just don't know and don't really want to think about that anymore. I just want to thank them <they know who they are> and praise the name of Jehovah Raffe, the Great I Am...Lord God Almighty.
I collapsed at my home on May 30th and the drs and my family...paramedics that were called to my home say that I did die, twice. Once at home when I collapsed and once when I arrived at the er. The er dr was sent by God just like the paramedics because each time they were able to get my heart started again. I guess He has more plans for me here on earth so I'm doing everything within my power to be as close to Him as I can and believe me, when something like this happens to you...or it did me, your whole outlook on EVERYTHING changes. I'm so thankful to our Father above that I am and will always be, a saved by grace, child of God.  Both my lungs collapsed <pnemothorax> and I suffered mild heart attack. I was very hard to intibate and like I said, my dr there was sent especially for me. I had to have a chest tube and was in the hospital for 2 wks and am STILL recovering at home. At first they thought it might've been an undiagnosed problem with my heart, but after they took me to the cath lab and did a cathiterization, THANKFULLY it wasn't my heart!!! I just have to be really careful with my asthma and make sure I take all my medications and not miss ANY!!! My lungs are recovering nicely as are my ribs they broke doing CPR. I was out cold for 2 days straight and have no recollection of it happening but my family and the drs told me that was probably a good thing, since it was so traumatic.

Just remember, we never know when He will come or when we will be taken home, nor our loved ones...so treasure each minute of each day you have with them and let them know how much you love them.  Grudges should disappear along with ANY complaints of your day etc. They have mine, but even so I still have to be diligent in my prayer time and STAY in the word.

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