God's Plan For You
By: evagibastikova@gmail.com


am 20 years old and want to share my true Gods story with you. As I remember my mum was always trying to raise me up as a good catholic with my sisters.While I was a student at the elementary school I knew that God existed but didn't do lots of things to be drown closer to him.Then I went to  my secondary school where through the religious lessons my relationship with God improved.I became very different person.I talked to God many times, went to church regularly and changed my all attitudes.However, I did the mistake.I was 17 when I met one guy with whom I ended up in a couple and replaced God with him.I dindt realize that I was getting further from God.After one year I splitted up with my boyfriend and didn't know the purpose of my life.In the last year of my secondary school I was so confused,desperate that I decided to go to UK and work as an Au-pair.My aim was to improve English and decide which university to apply for as well as running away from my past.I felt so lonely and desperate that miracle had happened when God heard my crying.Once I went to the library and borrowed the book/-The power of the praying woman.Through this booked I found the path to God again. God wanted me to come here and what is more, he helped me to decide what to do.So I applied for a university in England and got the place.Now I know, nothing is a coincidence in Gods world and if you pray to him,he will help you and give answers for everything.God bless you

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