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 I decided to have another child in 1995. I had discussed it with my husband and he agreed. I always had wanted a daughter so I prayed to God that this child would be the daughter I had always wanted. When I was about four months pregnant, I woke up with a pain in the middle of the night. I woke up my husband and told him I had a sharp pain in my stomach. He was quite upset that I had woken him up and said it was probably gases. So I went back to sleep. The following morning I woke up still with this
pain. My husband had already gone to work and I had to drive myself to work that morning. The pain was very severe and I could hardly walk. That morning the dog had escaped from the house and I called her, but she wouldn't come, so I had go and fetch her. I was really crying while I went to fetch her since the pain was getting severer by the minute. I was really scared. When I got back I called the office and said I wouldn't be in, since I had to go see the doctor. I called my mother and explained my situation and she said to come into town. Panama City was about twenty minutes or so drive depending on the traffic. I prayed to God and my Angels with all my heart and asked Him to take away the pain so I could get myself and my small son to my mother's apartment. The pain stopped. Some neighbors asked for a ride into town. I did not tell them in what condition I was in. I drove without pain all the way into town. I dropped all the neighbors off. As I was approaching my mother's apartment the pain started to come back full blast. I arrived with my son at the apartment building and could hardly walk up the stairs without feeling the severe pain which had crept back. I arrived at my mother's apartment and immediately asked her to call my grandmother in England who was a Christian Scientist. My grandmother said that she would pray for me but to go to the doctors as soon as possible and if anything she would pay for the bill. My mother then proceeded to call a cousin and asked her to take us to the hospital, since she didn't
drive. My mother's cousin arrived and they both took me and my son to the hospital. I could hardly walk. I arrived at the hospital and my doctor was away on a medical convention in another country. Another doctor was asked to check me out. She gave me physical and couldn't find anything wrong with me so she had some blood tests done. When the tests came back she found my white blood counts extremely high which suggested some sort of infection. She decided to call in a surgeon to view my tests. I was very scared since the pain had not gone away. The surgeon arrived and gave me an examination. He then proceeded to tell my mother and her cousin that it could be either two things, my appendix or my gallbladder. My mother was very upset and wanted to know which one since she did not want me to have two exploratory operations to find out and asked the doctor if there was any test to find out which one was giving me the problem. The doctor said he could only discount the gallbladder by performing and ultrasound, since the appendix would not show in this test. They performed the ultrasound and ruled out the gallbladder as the problem. The doctor decided to perform surgery on me, but said there were some risks to the baby if the put me to sleep. So they had to give me a epideral. The gynecologist said she would be there all the way for me and my baby and not to worry that things would be okay. They took me to the operating room and tried to perform the epideral.  I  was  so  nervous  I  started  shaking  like  a leaf.  The anesthesiologist told me to try and calm down otherwise he wasn't going to be able to administer the local anesthesia. Well I did stay still and try to control myself and they were able to administer the anesthesia. They started the operation and even though I felt no pain I cried my eyes out thinking of my baby. The anesthesiologist tried to console me the best he could and said not to worry that the baby would be okay. I prayed during the whole operation. They took out my
appendix and said the operation had been a success. I had a fever afterwards and the doctors were worried about the baby since her heartbeat was very erratic. The gave me ice packs to bring down the fever together with tylenol. I am a very allergic person and the doctors were concerned since there were not many antibiotics that I could have without harming the baby inside of me. The fever managed to go down and they were able to stabilize me and the baby. After a couple of days in the hospital they sent me home. I stayed at my dad's home so I could be closer to the hospital in case
of an emergency. I felt my baby move a couple of days later for the first time. I continued under the surgeons supervision until I completed healed and went back to my own doctor when he came back from abroad. The pregnancy went well from then on with just a couple of digestion problems. When the time came near to give birth to my daughter I felt anxious and asked him for another ultrasound. I had this feeling inside of me which would not go away. I had them before and they had been warnings to me. My doctor said it wasn't necessary to have another ultrasound and that instead he would have do a couple of fetal monitorings. A fetal monitoring is like an
electrocardiogram of the baby's heart beat. It shows if the baby is having problems breathing. I still did not feel comfortable with this, but accepted the doctor's decision anyway. My due date was April 26th. I had been going almost every day for the test for the past week when on April 25 I had signs that I was starting labor. I was shopping with my mother and told her so when we got back to her apartment. She asked me if I wanted to stay in case I had to be rushed to the hospital. I decided to go home and get my things. At 10.00 pm the pain got severe and so I called my mom that we would picker her up on the way to the hospital. When we got there she was still not ready so I had another bath before I went to the hospital. I was a little nervous and the pains
were coming closer and closer to each other. My mother and I were ready and so we left for the hospital with my husband. The doctor took a while to arrive and in the meantime the pains were getting closer and closer. After an examination the doctor said that I had about 6 centimeters dilated. I was almost completely dilated. The doctor broke the waters to see if it would accelerate the birth, but the baby was still not in position. When I was 10 centimeters dilated the doctor tried to manually push the baby down. But to no avail. In the meantime the pains were getting worst and worst and it was already 3 in morning. I was very tired and begged for him to do something. The doctor said the only thing to do was to perform surgery. Another surgery in the same pregnancy. They called in the same anesthesiologist, but he wasn't available so they had to call in another one. The anesthesiologist was the doctor's wife. While she came in the time was passing and I was getting very upset. So they prepared me again for surgery once she arrived. She was very nice and tried to comfort me the best she could while she gave the local anesthesia. The doctors and nurses started to say jokes to me so I would calm down. When he opened me he found that the cord was around the baby twice. My daughter weighed over 8 pounds and for some reason hadn't budged when the doctor had tried to force her. If she had been born normally she might have
strangled herself coming down the birth canal. My daughter is a miracle. She survived surgery and she also survived at birth. Thanks to God and his Angels my child is here today with me.

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