Brick Wall

When I was about at the age of seven, my mom said I could go to my best friend's house.  She lived way out in the country so if I wanted to spend the night, it would have to be for at least 3 days because of the long drive.  Well anyway, after I got there, we decided to go for a bike ride.  We went in people"s driveways because they were paved with smooth concrete instead of the rough street. While I was riding, I started to daydream.  I rode up into a lady's driveway that my friend knew and did not see the brick wall that lay before me as I rode and when I was about a centimeter away from crashing into the wall,  everything stopped and then went in slow motion and I knew that God was trying to save me.  Also, my bike automatically stopped without me doing anything.   Amazing isn't it?

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