God Saved Me
By: Anonymous

I grew up as a popular kid, and good at sports. I was also shy, always knowing the freinds i had werent my true freinds. I was constantly looking for somthing new, and fell into a deep depression. I had a big break up and began to fail in somthing i was real good in, hockey. I met new freinds, and i enjoyed being with them, but got caught up into drugs. First it was weed, and alcohol. Soon, that was all we did. I soon then lost it and forgot who i was and got into coke. Later i did shrooms for the first time, and finally i decided to do extacy. The night i decided to do it, was with the same freinds in a car. Everything was going fine, untill it started getting real intense. There is a feeling that you get when you can feel it burn the hole in your brain. I completely lost it, and thought i was dieing. I felt as though i had no face, my body as gone, and everything went dead. The only thing i could think of was to pray. I did and i asked for help.. and he was there, the feeling went away like that, and i went completely sober. it was only about 10 seconds long, but seemed like an eternity. Ever since this, my faith with god is amazing. I want to live the rest of my life for him, and am now completely sober. I am doing well in hockey again and am captain of soccer team. I love and enjoy life, and i couldnt imagine where i would be without him. I now want to be a druug councelor/ psychologist and help me and woman around the world to help them know god.  I feel like i should share this story with everyone i can, so i decided to post it.
Thanks and god bless you.

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