Do I believe in miracles? Well, as a Catholic I believed miracles happen, not just in the time of Jesus, but also in more recent times such as St.Bernadette as well as the apparations in Fatima. But I didn't think we would ever experience one miracle let alone three on seperate occasions.
The first. Our granddaughter was born three months prematurely weighing on 1kg. For three months she fought for her life, kidney failure, cerebral haemorage, all the time her skin had a grey-bluish colour palour. At one time Natalie was flown by air-ambulance from Ashford hospital to London for an emergency heart bypass operation. We kept asking our daughter & her husband to have the child baptised, but they said they would wait until she came out of hospital so that they could celebrate it with a party. One time I took some holy water that had come from Lourdes into the hospital and descreetly wet the baby's head with a piece of cottonwool saying I baptise thee, etc. I was a vain attempt to baptise even though I was probably doing it wrong. On the way out of the hospital we met our daughter who was coming in. By the time we had made the 13 mile journey home our daughter rang us and asked if we'd noticed that Natalie's skin was no longer that grey-bluish colour but a healthy pink. We thank God for this and thought that everything would be fine from now on. 24 hours later, Natalie's health deterioted very quickly. Our daughter, Elaine rang us at 10pm sobbing to us that the doctors can do no more for her and that they expected Natalie would die before morning. My wife and I said we would be straight over. I then asked her again: "Will you have Natalie baptised?" After a little hesitation Elaine said yes. I then said I would phone the nearest priest to the hospital which I did. The priest said he will go right away. On the way to the hospital we prayed the rosary for Natalie so earnestly. By the time we got to the hospital we found that the priest had already been and baptised Natalie as well as the rite for the sick and had left. A friend of the family who has no time for religion, God or any other superstitious nonsense, (as she put it) said that as the priest was baptising Natalie, she could see the colour returning to her, rising from her feet all the way to her face. From that time onward Natalie grew healthier and stronger. She was allowed home after a month and  remained on oxygen for a further 3 months  She is now a beautiful 14 year old. Through her infirmaties and suffering, I believe God has shown us that he is with us and He cares!
This post is quite long so I'll post the other two miraculous experiences seperately

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