God Used Me
By: dothindz@yahoo.com

I am not a saint nor divine on that matter, I am just an ordinary sinful guy, living a normal or should I say typical life, I have my own share of sins and mistakes as well, for I am not perferct, well who is? I have had experienced the good and the bad lthat ife can offer. There are times that I get to question the lord and somehow blame him for all the bad the things that happened. Until a good friend of mine made me realized how lucky still I am, I lost my father 2 years ago, and she lost both her mom few months after I lost my dad, and his father died two years before her mom passed away. alongside with the lost of her parents, is the lost of all their resources, which changed their lives drastically. I can say that we are on the same boat during those times, feeling hopeless, cursed and forsaken, almost two years of misery and unending questioning. As days go by of trying to analyze both our situation and trying to figure out WHY we are on this situation, little did I realized that HEY, my life isn't really that hopeless, and as a matter of fact I still have a lot to be thankful about, one is I still have my mom, second, we still get to do the things we want and we still have some extra to share, My friend and her story inspired me, and through her sufferings and my sufferings, the door of hope opened and the light of Gods' heart shined upon us. That day I felt something in me, my conscience, my heart, my mind, I am not sure what that is, but the feeling is different, I closed my eyes, vowed my head, and unconsciously, tears is starting to roll onto my face, not knowing what to say and what to feel, Gullty? maybe, thankful?most likely, blessed? most probably. From then on, through the power of my faith to God Almigthy, I started to see the good in everything, and I felt that he used me to changed people lives as well, now everytime I am with my friend, I don't know but what we have been talking about are the wonders of God, and slowly we undertand his ways of Love for us, and now, what we have is positivity and faith. My story is not extraordinary, no apparitions, no interventions, just pure, honest and sincere miracle of the Lord to us.....to me.

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