My MiracleStory

My story is about our Mother.  She was diagnosed with cancer and we were told that there was not any hope for her. Her tumor was very large and had been there for a long time...I come from a family of 6 and not one of us could cope with the realization of loosing our Mother. Our Father died many years before at a very young age and she is all that we had to mold us together.
 She was hospitalized for about 6 months and although we were all married with families of our own and not all living in the same area, we spent as much time with her as we could.  There was not a moment that went by that she was alone.  Each day that we were with her it was like not one of us really accepted that she had little time left. We tried to block out what was eventually going to happen.  The stress between the family became so great at the time. The only thing that held the family together was our Mother and now we really didn't know how to be a family.  Everyone had a different opinion of what was best for her and what should be done to keep her with us.  We just could not accept the idea of her dying.
On one evening she had gone into shock and they rushed her into the emergency room which was located in another building of the hospital.  When arriving there, they tried to do a cardiogram on her and because of the weight that she had lost from the cancer, they could not get a reading. I was standing by her side and watched the line on the machine and it was just a flat line going over it.  I thought that our mother had passed away.  Then all of a sudden she opened her eyes and looked at me and said that she wanted an orange.  I looked at the nurse in amazement because only a moment ago she was not responding to anything and now she was asking for an orange. I knew that there was no way that she could even begin to eat this orange that she wanted.  I passed it off as her not knowing what she was saying due to her being in shock.  The nurse, to appease her, said that maybe she could have some orange juice.  As they continued working on her, I had decided to step outside the hospital because I was feeling really faint. I asked my sister-in-law, who had not been in the room with us, to join me. We walked outside the door and while standing there, my sister-in-law said to me. "What is that laying over there?" I asked what she meant.  She said "Right over there!".
There on the sidewalk, right outside the hospital door lay the most PERFECT ORANGE I had even seen.  We picked it up like it was gold and with chills running through my whole body I tried to tell my sister-in-law what had happened in the room with Mom.  I could hardly talk, I could not believe this. I walked back into the hospital with the orange cupped in both my hands as if it was going to disappear before I got back inside. I was really in a state of shock as I was telling the rest of the family what had happened in the room with Mom and what had taken place outside those doors. The rest of my family had the same reaction. A stillness came over all of us, not knowing if it really happened or not.
 Our Mother did not beat the cancer, she died 2 weeks later. We did not see the orange as a sign that our mother was going to live, rather it was a sign that God was letting us know that he would take care of her even though we were loosing her.  I still have the orange and she has been gone for almost 10 years now.  I do believe in miracles, and this miracle was to help us let go and let her go to Him.

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