God Used My Dog
By: djecomputer@yahoo.com
My mom died back in 1997 when I was 4 years old and my sister was 1. As a result we had a live in nanny, Gloria, who helped take care of us. One night in 1998 when my dad happoned to be out on a business trip, one of our two dogs, Katie went into Gloria's bedroom and woke Gloria up. Gloria got up and headed toward the back door to open it and let Katie out. Katie didn't go out the door and just walked the opposite way. Gloria was getting upset and started to go back to bed thinking the dog was just playing tricks on her when the dog looked back at her like she was sure of her destination. Gloria eventually followed Katie and Katie kept looking back every 10 feet to make sure she was being followed. Soon both of them arrived into my sisters room and Katie placed her nose between two of the poles on my sister's crib. Gloria felt my sisters head and she had a fever of 101 degrees. Eventually we got her some Tylonel and her fever went down but for the rest of the night Katie slept not in her usual chair in the other room but on the floor next to my sister's crib. I know and believe to this day that Katie was being used by God to get my sister some relief and I am deeply moved and thankful for that.

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