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It has been nearly three years since Brandon became ill with  the deadly infection meningococemia. One afternoon  he came running off the school bus  into the house so full of life laughing, singing, playing.  In less than 24 hrs, he was in the PICU fighting for his life.  The infection hit him hard.  He was in septic shock, had gone into respiratory failure and near heart failure.  Doctors had no choice but to put him on full life support.
The doctors said there was little to no chance of survival.
After several days he woke up.  He was responding to us with in a couple days.  He was taken off  life support but the infection had spread through out his body caused serious damage to his legs, feet and hands.
As the days went by, little by little, he got better. The doctor finally said the words we had been praying for that out little boy was going to live.
He continued  to get stronger and better.  After several weeks the doctors said he was well enough to leave the icu but he had a long road ahead of him.  He spent the next three months in the hospital.  Durning that time, he had to have several operations.  He lost his right foot, the right patella, and  most of his fingers on his left hand, he had to have multiple skin grafts,
Despite the devastating  effects of illness, Brandon never lost his positive spirit
They worked with him everyday in therapy to help him get stronger.
After he was well enough to leave the hospital.  He continued to get therapy every week. Each week he got stronger and stronger
until he was able to stand on his own.  He was able to walk run jump after two years he was discharged
But just a few months later the doctors discovered he was having problems with the growth plates in his arm and left ankle.
He had surgery in October to close the growth plate in his ankle.  He was in a long leg cast . Was able to get that off in January
He is recieving  PT again twice  a week ;
He just had surgery on his left arm to stretch the bone he is adjusting pretty well to the external fixator  Thank God he  hasn`t been in any pain..
Through it all he has been so brave so strong.. a real champion he has been an inspiration to all.
Thank you for your continued thoughts and Prayers...
       A news article about Brandon

Update on Brandon

April 13, 2004
Brandon got a new bike that a team from Michigan State built for him.  For the first time since his illness he was able to ride a bike.  Congratulations Brandon!
Here's the news article:
December 5, 2003
Here is a video clip of Brandon and his new bike
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November 25, 2004
As you know Brandon had surgery again on his leg in October to close the growth plate and straighten the bone.
Well Brandon went to the doctors last week.
Not as much new bone had come in as the doctor would of liked. So she decided to change the cast it is not as high up now as it was before but it is still up to his thigh. She straightened the knee alittle so he could put a little bit of weight on it. He starts back to therapy next Friday. Has to go back on December 13  to once again see if he can get his cast off..

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