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      the Love of God
By: devildisturber12000@yahoo.com
38 years ago I attended a small college in Georgia. The little town in which it was located was Norman Park therefore it was named Norman Park Jr. College.
It was a Baptist pre-seminary school and as a Pastor, I wanted to go to the school recommended by the Elders.
I have always met the public well and soon knew all the business men and their families. One of the families owned a small mom and pop filling station. Back in those days it was full service.  They checked the oil swept out the floor board and washed the windshield while you were being filled up with gas! The young man waiting on me was named Eddie and I noticed a blood stain on his shirt just under the cuff, "Eddie how did you hurt your arm?" His reply was, "Oh it is a carbuncle!".  He rolled up his sleeve to reveal a most hideous boil with many swollen parts! I ask him if I may have permission to pray with him for God to heal this terrible thing? He said,  "Oh please pray for the one on my back.  This one I can handle but the one on my back keeps me awake at night it hurts so much".

We entered the grease rack area and I got down on my knees and believe me I was afraid but I prayed,  "Father, if you won't heal both of them then give me one to bear; the one off his back I will bear half of his burden."  I anointed him with oil and thanked our Father for His mercy and kindness toward this young man.

About 9pm that evening a knock came on my door and there was Eddie, his wife, two children, Mom and Dad, May we come in? Of course! He showed me his arm and the thing was gone.  He pulled down his shirt from the back and the one on his back was gone also. This was just hours after we prayed together and thanked God for his healing!

Do you believe we still serve a miracle working, loving, caring Father who's Son made it possible for our healing? Well that night Eddie, his wife, two children, Mom and Dad came to know our Lord and Savior. And they began their walk to new life in Christ!

This will always live in my heart as one of the greatest moments in my life as Pastor, Teacher, Prophet. Knowing that God does still heal people to His Honor and Glory if we are obedient to Him He will continue to do these miracles among us!
Rev. Dean A. Smith dd.
AKA--The Devil Disturber at large in Texas!

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