Nora Marlene
When I first met Nora Marlene, it was love at first sight.  Within two years were we married and our future looked bright.  Adding to our blessings were two sons, but by the time of our second son's birth, it was obvious that I was having some sort of neurological problem.  "Please," I prayed, "don't be ALS" and it wasn't.  I was diagnosed with young onset Parkinson's Disease."  Here I was, a big strong ex-football player at 38, with PD.
As the years went on, I had a lot of success in business, but after ten years, my medication's effectiveness are now spotty at best.  Nora has been the strength and backbone of our family, especially since I gave up driving one year ago.  I could see the pressures of taking care of me and my two sons begin to drag my wife down.  For the past two weeks, she had been complaining about having a constant headache, muscle joint pain and tiredness and I took her to the doctor who ordered some blood tests for her. Then she received a frantic call on Friday afternoon to come in the office asap and get more tests.  She cried a bit and didn't call me and went to the doctors for more tests.  He told her that it looked like she may have hepatitis and she was devastated.
Friday evening, I e-mailed you and asked for your prayers and both of my sons and I prayed for her health.  On Saturday, she woke up feeling pain free and pretty good!  She improved all weekend and on Monday our doctor said whatever she had was cleared up!  He was completely baffled.  My wife and I are convinced we benefited from another miracle from our Loving Father ...  Thank you Jesus!

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