After having 2 healthy children, I was 2 weeks late starting my period. On my way to work one day, I started having bad pains low in my stomach. I had a miscarriage nearly a year before this, and I thought I was about to have another. Right there in the truck, driving, I began praying to God. I prayed that if I was pregnant again, I didn't want to lose the baby. I wanted it, even if something was wrong with it. The next day, I went to get a pregnancy test and was indeed pregnant. I had a good pregnancy, no complications, but I did realize that this baby did not move as much as my other 2 did. On May 4, 1999, I had a beautiful baby girl. My husband and I decided to name her Destiny. She was truly our Destiny....A few hours after her birth, it became obvious that something was wrong. She wouldn't wake up to eat, cry, or anything...she was in a coma. The doctors sent her to the children's hospital, where many tests were performed and found that she had a rare genetic disorder called Non ketotic Hyperglycinemia (NKH). Not to be mistaken for hyperglycemia, NKH is a defect in the breakdown of the amino acid glycine. It causes seizures, severe developmental delays, and even death. Most children with NKH do not make it past infancy. We had many, many people praying for her, and had a few people do a bedside prayer for her. She woke up at 13 days old and was sent home at 18 days old. At 6 months old, she had gotten a respiratory virus called RSV, and again, was not expected to make it. She spent her first Christmas in the hospital. We, again had prayed hard for her and had many others do the same. She went home after being in there for almost a full month. She is now 4 and doing well, though very severely developmentally delayed. Her health is good, and she is doing more and more all the time. I have seen God work in her A LOT of times. She is my little angel, my miracle, my Destiny!

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