God Prepared Me
By: demario.dunkley@gmail.com

My father had being experiencing a deterioration in health for some time 
At the start of the year, my church started a 40 day fast and I had never fasted in my life. 
I was raised in the church but I had never fasted but for some reason I felt that I had to do this. 
So I did, I started the fast and prayed and read the bible. I lost a good bit of weight and muscle because of it. 
I also told my parents about it and they were a bit shocked. 
It became harder and harder towards the end but I felt that I was being prepared for something. 
The fast finished sometime in March. 
One week exactly after my father's birthday in april, he died. 
That was the last time I ever spoke to him as I was in a different country at the time. 
However, when I found out he was dead I didnt breakdown, I didnt crumble. 
I was able to go back home and take care of my mother and sister fairly well. 
I was able to lead them in nightly devotions and singing and bible study. 
These are things I would never have done before, or much less taken the initiative to do before. 
That was my dads role. I felt strength beyond strength during those times, and I did very well considering everything. 
To this day I believe that he prepared me during that 40 day fast for the difficult months that were ahead. 
He prepared me and he prepared me well. 

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