Soldiers of God!

In 2002, I was just pregnant, and my husband and I were scared one night that we might get burgled (there were several in the area that week).  As the bedroom was cold and damp, we moved the bed into the lounge.  That night, we lay awake and I felt fearful, but suddenly, amazing calm came over me.  I went to the back window and though it was evening I could still see out.  I saw FIVE MASSIVE SOLDIERS across the garden, wearing God's armor.  They were as high as a double-decker bus.  They never said anything but smiled and nodded.  I thought it was my imagination and said nothing.  Looked at my husband and he said, "You won't believe me, but I've just seen five huge soldiers in the back garden, wearing armor, about 20 feet high!  Needless to say, we were NOT burgled!

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