I knew I Wouldn't get Terry's Call
By: debbielynne@verizon.net

I lost my brother at age 40 due to a Motorbike accident in 2003.
Terry was born on my 1st birthday.  I guess you could say he was my birthday gift.
I knew Terry would always call me on my birthday. (our)  Oct. 4, no matter where he lived. It was my first birthday without Terry and it was very hard for me. It was a rainy day and I was sick. I knew I had to go to the grave yard.I had to talk to him even though I know he wasn't there.

I was praying to God and I asked Him to let Terry know I was there. To tell him how hard it was without him. How much I miss and love him. How hard it was without him on this day. When I got at the grave yard I was crying and asking God to give me a sign that Terry could hear me.  I said God please let Terry hear me, let a bird fly over my head or something. It wasn't a minute later and a bird fly low right over my head.  At that moment I knew Terry could hear me.

Thank you God for giving me that moment!
your sister, Debbie

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