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My Aunt past away a few months ago (September 2003 to be exact) and we've all been very sad. We all pray to the lord to take good care of her and we speak directly to her as well.....telling her to guide us through rough times and watch over us constantly.

One night, my mother was talking to her and told her that if she could hear all of the things we were saying to her, to give us some sort of sign. My mother decided to come up with an example. On our Christmas tree hung two angels. One was an icicle angel and one was a silver angel that said God Bless Diana (Diana is her name). My mother told her that if she could hear her to move the angel on the Christmas tree....but she forgot to specify which angel. The next morning....I was typing something on the computer for school and my mother came walking down the hallway. She began calling for me and I rushed out into the hallway to see what she wanted. She pointed to the tree. I didn't see anything. "Nothings moving." I said. And it didn't appear at first that there WAS anything moving....all the ornaments were dead still. Except for one. The icicle angel was swinging rapidly back and fourth, side to side. We looked around in udder disbelief.....at first not excepting the fact that this could be a sign from my aunt. No cats were around the tree. Nothing was near it that could cause the ornament to move. But no other ornaments were moving at all.  I knew right then that the Aunt that had been so close to me throughout my life, the aunt whose death caused me such sadness, is STILL close to me and will remain close and watching over me and my family until we can join her and look down upon new generations of our family.

I wanted to share with you all that things like this CAN happen to you if you just have faith in things that may seem hard to believe.  Pray to these loved ones and to the lord and you will get responses and guidance back to get you through the rough times in your life.  Continue to believe.

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