Well I'm Chris wiley, and I was arrested on Wednesday the day before thanksgiving, I was driving with alcohol and my friends, no one had lls, so we ran into a road block, and i was nervous and switch seats, and fled the scene, and we were pulled over quick...they charged me with dui, fleeing, expired registration, and revoke lls...I spent thanksgiving in jail, and three days after that, I was in my cell missing family, eating horrible food, didn't have no bond at first. Starring at a white wall, super angry, very mad at myself and the situation,...I'm not a trouble maker, I made a bad finally got a bond for 10,000 and 10 percent was a 1,000, I didn't have nothing but 31.00, my lady car note was my hope was gone, and i was depending on time I was very depressed, being in there for three days were bad to me, on my fourth day, I called upon Jesus name...and said please let me out, I'm sorry for my sins, I know you put me in here for a reason, I got Ur message lord..I was feeling myself up with joy, thinking positive and letting bad thoughts go, I felt a good peace inside my heart...later on that day...a correction officer said your wiley? I said yes...he said your being bonded out, I was smiling thanking Jesus, I had no ideal someone was coming, I couldn't call no one on the phones, but my lady hustled money up from her family and loans, my family seem to not care, when I'm down and need there help, my moms can't afford it, but be worried, I still love them, and will keep thanking Jesus, for hearing my prayer...god bless you all...

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