If He Shoots, I'm a Dead Duck
By: ctmcdermott@comcast.net


It was the year. Of 1944 I was stationed on a island 7 miles out of a inland water way,wrighsville beach.it was gunnery range. For p 47's. There were two ranges one was opened and the other was closed with a wood panel painted red which meant closed no firing. In the middle between ranges, was sand baged radio shack where a flight officer was directing flight plane,circle pass,s. but this p 47 pilot wasn't,t alert . I was standing right in front of the target my fellow sgt. Shouted look out and dove for cover, but I turned around and froze.he opened fire coming right at me, I said to myself if he fires I,m a dead duck. He did 3 fifty caliber bullets came right at me, landed at my feet by one ft. They would of tore my body apart it was a absolute miracle.i was stunned. God had to be with me. The officer came running out of the radio shack . Screaming are you o k. .he sent the pilot back to the main base near Wilmington north carolina.    What happen to him I don,t know?


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