One Snowy Day
I felt the need to share my story after coming across this website.  My miracle happened earlier this year one day when it was very snowy.  I had been at home for the weekend and was about to make my trip back to college.  My parents were wary about letting me drive because of the conditions, and insisted they drive me back.  But being the stubborn kid I am, I refused.  I said the words that most parents hear all the time, "I'll be fine!".  However, they threatened to take away my car if I wrecked, because they had warned me.  As I made my way back to college the roads were actually pretty clear.  I called my parents every 20 min or so to just let them know I was okay.  I also was jamming out to some music like I always do.  I decided to put on my favorite song, Grace Like Rain by Todd Agnew.  I even put it on repeat because I like it that much! Anyways, as I continued my drive I started getting into worse weather.  The roads became slick and the snow was falling heavier each second.  I began to realize my car was sliding a little and was more cautious to my driving. As I approached a sharp turn to the left, my car fishtailed! A disaster was waiting to happen as my car was sliding towards a phone pole, and a ditch.  I kept spinning my steering wheel and was hitting the breaks but could not gain control.  I thought, "this is it".  But as soon as I thought that, my car abruptly halted in the snow, right between the ditch and phone pole.  My side door was literally within inches of crashing into the phone pole.  As I sat there in disbelief with my heart pounding, Grace Like Rain was playing in the background.

Thankful that God had saved me from a major accident, I however faced a dilemma.  My car was stuck and I was only 15 min from my college.  I couldn't call my parents because it was too far for them to come, and they would take away my car like they had threatened!  So I walked to the nearest house, which looked like a rundown shack.  This creepy guy came out from the back shack and I was scared for my life.  But I told him I needed help and he turned out to be a very kind guy! He grabbed a shovel and started digging out the snow from my tires.  However, my car still wouldn't budge.  A snow plow just happened to be making it's rounds and slowed to ask if everything was okay.  He ended up helping the guy push my car out and I was able to make it back to college! I had no scrapes on my car or anything! It was honestly a miracle and God proved that day he's watching out for me.  I haven't worked up enough courage to tell my parents.  Maybe one day I will, but not for awhile!

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