God's Calling
By: claym@abs-link.com

One afternoon in November I was in my bedroom and decided to take a nap.  My Mom had just passed away the week before and that was all that I could think about.  So I thought that I would just go to sleep to take my mind off things for awhile.  Well after about a hour or so my phone started ringing.  I answered it and no one was there.  So I hung up and tried to go back to sleep.  As soon as I did the phone rang again.  Again no one was on the line.  So I got up and went to the kitchen to get something to eat.  When I got to the kitchen my Dad had lit a candle and put it on the stove.  The glass got hot a broke and the top of the stove was on fire.  So I put it out.  About 2 week later the same thing happened but this time when I went in the kitchen I heard something that sounded like an electric power surge. I looked under the element of the stove and the wires were starting to arc.  That was two times in just a couple of weeks that something like this happened.  The last time it just put a big smile on my face just knowing that someone from above was still watching out for me.
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