A Small Miracle in My Exams
By: claudiasibert@gmail.com


I am currently sitting for the Malaysian Bar Exams that is notorious for its very stingy passing rates. Before my first paper, i cried and prayed to God so that among all the 36 topics in my textbook, I could at least remember 4 that could come out in my paper the next day. After calming myself down after prayer, I flipped opened my pass year questions and attempted to do an old question paper. The next day, four very similar questions of that pass year paper I did the night before came out. I thanked God and looking back, I am still thanking God hence me sharing this story with you. I usually do not attempt pass year questions the day before the exams as I usually prefer to sit down and memorize all my case studies and the Malaysian law. I believe that day, it was a higher power that drove me to that different approach.  

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