I Prayed
By: Anonymous
before this happened i wasnt very religous i have never been to church exept for funerals and i can only remember praying once
it all started  when  i   was getting very aggrivated with my lap -top.  The battery was getiing low and i couldnt get the charger to plug into it.  i figured ,hey maybe i should pray.  so i did.  i no its stupid,but i begged God for the plug to go in. i tried immedietly after and it went in.  i was so shocked.  the next day i was (silently) praying to God.  Right after i pulled a chair over to a vent in my room i stepped on the chair. i thought maybe god wanted me to see something. there was nothing.  then i felt the need i to from the chair onto my bed.  i did. once again i thout these thouts were from God. i hit my thighs on the bed.  it hurt so bad.  i thout i had broken my legs. i slid onto the ground.  my knees were bent and my legs made a V shape.  i looked down.  i thought why would God want this.  i noticed the it looked like a mountain. then i closed my eyes.  i saw a sunset. i stood up. the pain was gone then the place came to me.  Sunset Mountain.  I googled it.  the first link i found was song lyrics to a song called sunset mountain.  it mentioned jesus. i found more links that had to do with 7 angels on sunset mountain.  I now know that it was a sign.  a sign that i need to find something.  these flashes keep coming to me.  i am still trying to put them together, but i know God has a plan for me.  something big!

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