Two Years Later

In August 1991 I was rushed to Rotorua hospital paralysed from my waist down and with limited movement of my arms. At hospital I got progressively worse and a Doctor told me I was going to be sedated. When I asked why he said, that they didn’t know if I would live as they didn’t know what was wrong with me, I was 23 years old.

I said to him no way, if I’m going to die then I want to be awake to see what it’s like. He looked very disturbed when I told him that.

 My wife and friends got together and prayed. About twelve hours later at midnight, the nurses came and installed a drip to restore potassium as some bright doctor suddenly had asked if my sodium/potassium levels had been tested. My sodium level was dangerously high and potassium level extremely low.

I woke in the morning to find a group of nine or ten doctors and nurses standing around my bed. “Oh you’re awake.” one said, “Well we know you’re not from Mars because your blood’s not green, but we’re unsure of what galaxy you’re from, medically you should be dead.” Another Doctor said to me.

“Can you lift your arm?”  I did bringing gasps to the group, “What about your leg” It was hard but I lifted it up in the bed, bringing even more comments.

After four days I left the Intensive Care area and was transferred to a room. It was the middle of the afternoon and I lay looking out of the window, the other men in the room were all out. I was looking out the window to my left when a word was spoken, I turned thinking that someone was standing beside my bed but there was no one to be seen.

About two years later there was quite a crowd around at our minister’s house, we had finished lunch and were enjoying the afternoon and each others company. I got talking with a friend about unusual experiences; she had shared how her broken ankle had been miraculously healed. I said to her that I had never told anyone about “hearing a word” when in hospital as I thought people would think I was crazy, but relayed the story to her. She asked excitedly “What was the word, what was the word?” I said to her that I didn’t know, because as far I knew it wasn’t a word, but that I could spell out what I thought it sounded like, eloiey. After doing that my friend told me to go and find the minister’s bible dictionary and see what the word meant.

I was sitting down on my own at his office desk with this fat Hebrew and Greek bible dictionary in front of me, and I was hesitant. I said God whatever the word means, I accept it.  As the memory of hearing it was so vivid.

ELOI in greek means My God, ELOHIYM in Hebrew means God (I am who I am)

I give thanks to God for healing and speaking to me in that very low time of my life, but also for finding out two years later what He said. May God greatly bless You.

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