Divine Intervention
By: chambliss6@hotmail.com
When I found out we were going to have a son, we were very happy.  Now we could be a complete family with a boy and a girl. September 18 the doctor put me in the hospital to induce labor, because of complications. All through the night the pains grew stronger. As my husband dozed in a chair beside my bed, I prayed for God to help me get through each pain. I began to focus on a favorite place to try to get my mind off the pains that came.  During my focus, I saw in my mind that I was on a beach, which was my focal point but someone was holding my hand as I walked along. I looked and saw a being dressed in white. I sensed he was a man. His hair long, past his shoulder, wavy and brown and it was blowing in the breeze as we walked. I couldn't see his face, it was shrouded in a white mist. As a contraction hit,  I grabbed his arm with my free hand and he turned to me. At this time, it was like I was a bystander watching what was happening as my angel turned and brushed my forehead with the back of his hand in a most loving fatherly way.  I became aware that through the contraction I was smiling and thought if a nurse came into the room they would think I was crazy. As the doctor gave me a spinal block, I was aware of my angel in the room. My son was stillborn. Through the grief, many things happened to show me that he was in good hands. A few days after the funeral, I developed spinal headaches, so back to the hospital I went to get a blood batch to seal a probable leak of my spinal fluids. The room I was in was on the main hall of the hospital and I told my husband to make sure the door stayed closed. Later, while sitting up on the edge of the bed, I was instructed to curl my body forward as much as possible. As the doctor performed the procedure, I felt helpless from the pain and I noticed that someone else was in the room. I thought it was a nurse and was aggravated that someone had opened the door while I was in such pain. I tilted my head a little so I could get a better view of this "nurse" and it wasn't a nurse at all. It was my angel and in his arms was my baby.  Their faces were shrouded by that same mist but I knew he was looking adoringly at my baby, I know my baby is being cared for by heavenly angels.

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