A True Easter 2011 Miracle
By: Anonymous

I am not too proud to retell this story but I strongly feel others can learn from this horrible mistake and the incredible miracle that arose from it. Last Easter Sunday, I was involved in a near fatal car accident. The worst part was that it was my fault. And all this began because of the ugliness and loneliness that has become my life. Little did I realize that these feelings would manifest into reality. On Easter Sunday, I wanted to go out with my friend because I was just so desperate to get out of the house and talk to someone. I donít have many friends so I was glad when my friend agreed to hang out with me that day. Furthermore, I was very proud of a brand new car I have just purchased two months ago. However, the car wasnít entirely mine. You see, two months ago the family car finally died on us and because my parents were not in the right financial state to buy another car, they had no choice but to ask me for help. So I put the down payment on a brand new car and paid the insurance while my parents paid the monthly installments. But I still had to take the bus every morning to get to work while my father had total access to it. Every time I wanted to use the car, my dad would constantly give me a hard time or sometimes he would even purposely stay out for long hours so that I couldnít use the car. I felt like I was taken advantaged off. I felt my father loved the car more than he could ever love me. I was angry and frustrated. Top those feelings off with loneliness and worthlessness, you can tell I was not going through good times. So off I went in the car I wanted to show off to pick up my friend from her house. But then she decided to also bring along her 15 year old niece and her 2 year old daughter. Huge mistake. I did not have a child seat in my car. But off we went anyways to do some shopping. After we went shopping, they decided they wanted to go to Taco Bell. Although I hate Taco Bell and I didnít know how to get there by the highway, I decided to go anyways using my GPS machine as a guide. So Iím driving on the highway and the GPS tells me to enter into this town. I enter the exit to this town and then the machine tells me to make a left turn. I did and next thing I realized, we were hit by another car (on my side) and we go sliding down the road finally crashing onto a curb with a metal edge. The airbags quickly deployed. I hear my friends screaming and crying hysterically because the 2 year old child is bleeding from her mouth. I became paralyzed with fear. I hung my head down in shame while my hands stayed glued to the steering wheel. Even when the police rushed over to the car to ask me questions, I could only answer in a squeaky, tiny voice. We had to be rushed to the hospital. Those long hours in the hospital were torturous because all I could feel was guilt. I was also terrified of my parentsí reactions. Plus I was in total shock. The doctor had to call my parents and tell them what happened. They were mad at first but ever so relieved I was ok. It turns out, by some glorious intervention by our Lord, no one got seriously hurt. Not even the four other people in the other car got seriously hurt. They were able to refuse medical attention and drive back home in their same, beat up car while my car had to be towed away and we had to go to the hospital. My friend and her niece only received minor aches and bruises and the 2 year old child just cut her tongue with her teeth but she was fine. No internal injuries or broken bones. The Lord prevented me from destroying 7 other lives that day. We were all spared. Iím still paying the consequences of what Iíve done but I canít complain really; after all no one got seriously hurt. Furthermore, the insurance and lawyer are helping me out. So far, things are actually going good. Yes, I may be ruined psychologically, financially and perhaps physically speaking but things could have ended a whole lot worse. I should either be in jail, laying in some hospital bed or dead but I came out of the accident unscathed. Although it has barely been a week since the accident, I was able to deeply reflect on the errors of my way. I was foolish enough to let a lustrous, new car hide the ugliness and loneliness that has become of my life. I guess I figured if I am not worthy to be loved by anyone I can at least numb the pain by buying a new car. I used to drive around new places all by myself every time the loneliness got the best of me. I did whatever I could to hide the profound emotional pain I was going through every day. The day the car got destroyed, so did the ugly feelings. God was with all of us that day. He gave us a hand when he didnít even have to. I have felt forgotten by God but boy did he ever show me how wrong I was to ever question him! My back hurts and Iím now really broke but how can anyone ever put a price on human life? The money I will continue to lose is nothing compared to 7 lives I could have ruined. And the incident had to occur on Easter Sunday out of all days! Talk about a true Easter miracle. I am willing to tell my story so that others can learn from my mistakes. Never let pride blind you so much that in just seconds flat, your whole life can turn upside down and affect others as well. For the first time in life, I really do feel loved and even if I never have friends or family ever again, at least I know I have God. Thereís a saying that God protects fools and children. Enough said. That is my tale of a beautiful miracle called a second chance at life. Well in my case, this will be more like a fourth or fifth chance at life! I feel like a cat with nine lives and total guidance from God. Please believe that God does exist! If my story isnít enough to convince you then I donít know what else can! 
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