A Crisis
By: cay0788@yahoo.com

 A few weeks ago, my parents were going through a mid-life crisis. my father was about to divorce my mother for a few minor accidents. my mom got really sick and lost an extreme amount of weight and my dad already moved out of the house.
 Just when the peak of my family crisis was about to escalate, my mom's best friend came all the way from California, from visiting her daughter. she was talking on her cell when the door bell rang. I was about to answer it, but i was already glued to the computer. My mom  answered it though and came back and told me an incedible story. She said that there was a psychic lady who told her that she had a dream at 2a.m. about a  woman (my mom's best friend) in a lavender sweater at the California airport looking very sad, and talking on her cell to a blonde friend(my mom). She told my mom to get some rest, eat something, and to go get a massage to help soothe her. She also added that everything will turn out to be alright.
So far, she has been correct! She came all the way down from Iowa to Missouri just to tell my mom that. my parents worked everything out, and I see it as God giving us a message when we were in the worst events we could imagine.

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