God's Sign
By: Anonymous

A friend and I were traveling to the beach to celebrate Spring Break together.  We had gotten a late start and had a quite a ways to drive.  About half-way in our trip, my friend's tire blew out.  It was dark and we were two scared teen-aged girls that didn’t know how to change a tire.  We had been sitting by the side of the road for about an hour.  Finally, a car pulled over to help us.  A woman got out from the passenger side and said that her boyfriend wanted her to get out first so that we wouldn’t get scared and they were there to help us.  After the couple had finished changing our tire, I couldn't help but glance at a billboard on the highway.  Although it was very dark, the lights of the passing vehicles lit it up well.  The billboard read, “Jesus loves you.”  This sign couldn’t have come at a more opportune time for me.  Not only was I exploring my beliefs in God and Jesus, I had also been hanging out with the wrong
people.  People who were taking me further away from God.  My trip to the beach with this particular friend was my last effort to salvage a friendship that was going nowhere.  With God’s help, I was able to choose God over my friendship.  At the end of our Spring Break adventure, I moved on towards a better life and better goals.  So, God not only saved us on that highway, he saved me in so many other ways.  To this day, that billboard is a reminder that the road I finally chose was the right choice even though the road gets a little bumpy at times.  When I was in my Junior year of college, I saw my old friend once again.  Let's just say that I wish that billboard would have had as much of an impact on her as it did me.  I pray that God's billboard will cross her path again someday.

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