My Miracle

I am 14 years of age and I love God and accepted him when i was only 5.

My Miracle:

It was my first day back of school, 28/1/10 And it had been a great day. 3 days before, i had an encounter with God after i was getting in touch with the holy spirit and i couldn't stop crying. I was happy crying! my brother was in trouble.
So i got home and went on the computer and played spider solitare! the phone rang after about half an hour and dad picked up the phone " hello" he said. no answer... " hello" he said again. I thought this might have been a telemarketer, but they got chatting away and dad was finding it hard to speak with this person. the person asked for me. and i took the phone and on the other line was my mother, she was drunk and crying. " what's the matter mum?" i asked. she replied " Son we need to have a good long chat". So We started chatting away and she was exclaiming that " life is just bringing me down, and i feel upset" i was distressed!!! " I'm going to commit suicide tonight" she exclaims. I take a breath and tell her that she shouldn't, before i could say anymore i just hang up and rang the police. The moral of the story is that she didn't commit suicide and she was okay. I prayed to God after all that happened while i was walking to a dirt road that i normally pray on. I prayed someone will motivate me * i was crying*. before i new it a body was walking down a small hill, i was screaming out "JESUS, JESUS" but the man turned around and it was someone from church. Alan. and alan helped me get through it and told me that satin is there to kill and destroy and he makes you feel those feelings like depression, stress and fear. but we have authority over him and we can make sure he will not hurt us in jesus name! :)

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