God Answered my Prayer Just Like That
By: bugatti_ssport@yahoo.com

It was afternoon, and it was a very sunny day. I was in town to managed my entry to universities, and have no car or motorcycle to go around the town, so I walk on that sunny day. Iíve been walking like 3 hours now, and there is still so much things to do. I was thirsty, sweating all over, and really, really tired. When I came to my limits, I said a little prayer in my heart, ďLord Iím tired, please give me a ride home.Ē, then out of nowhere, a car honed me. It was friend of mine, and he offered me a ride home. I was really shock and frozen that time, because my prayer were answered within a second just like that. When I was in the car I felt relief and say thanks to God. God had helped me in a instance, praise to you Lord. Amen.

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