The Thunderstorm

When I was about 10 years old and didn't know much about God's love, I was in bed and just about to fall asleep.  I had my precious little cat right there with me.  Well, a huge thunderstorm came in and I didn't really think much about anything.  I was in a comfortable position, I snuggled up with my beloved cat but I was startled right out of my bed when I heard a very loud BOOM!  So loud it sounded like a rifle going off right at your ear.  I looked at my window and didn't see anything.  I heard my dad call my name and I was too scared to answer him.  Then I heard him let out a very frightening yell, so I thought he was hurt and I answered him.  He told me to come in bed with him.  So I did, and immediately felt safe.  The next morning I could not believe the two amazing things that my eyes were seeing.  1- the damage, 2- THE MIRACLE!  Our house was covered over BOTH mine and my dad's bedrooms and the house was just strong enough to keep the trees from coming on in to our deaths.  I could then see the power of God and I think of that night still today when I watch shows about people who went through the same thing and I pray.  Today I am 16 and I love my life.  I am very glad I am still alive.  I have an awesome future ahead of me...

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