Traveling Miracle

My faith in GOD these days isn't very good. I don't no why I've lossed my faith but I have. This story I'm about to tell is one I always think about when I question weather or not  God is real. In 1992 two friends and I took a road trip from Arizona to Washington state. We spent a couple of weeks up there then headed back to Arizona on a  different route than we had taken to get there. We came back through Utah. On one of the days driving back the car broke down. It was late afternoon and very warm outside. We were in the middle of absolute no were. We didn't even no what state we were in, Utah or AZ.  AT the time we didn't even no just how far from civilization we were. WE were all 17 at the time and already a week late for our senior year in high school.  One of my friends stayed at the car while me and the other started to walk. We started hitchhiking no one would pick us up. I was wearing a tank top with a couple of tattoos. Yes at that age I was pretty rebellious and so were my friends. I'm sure the tattoos played a role in no one helping us. I said Adam lets pray for GOD to send someone to help us. We prayed. A few more vehicles came and went. A mini van drove by very fast and even went into the other lane as it passed us. This was a 2 lane mountain road. About a half mile to a mile down the road this van suddenly pulled over. I was like ha that's what you get for not helping us. I figured he got a flat tire or something.  Well to my amazement he was waving for us to come for a ride. WE ran to him and he drove us to the next town with a phone. This really was not a town but a place for food,gas, and a phone. Well the best part of this story is that this man pulled over a half mile to a mile down the road and waved us in to help us. When we got in the van it was a oriental family. And guess what they were listening to full blown Christian JESUS MUSIC. They never said much just lended a helping hand. I believed in GOD whole heartedly before this event and after for a number of years but now Im searching again. God if you are real thank you for your miracle that day.  And I also want to thank that ASIAN MAN.  Thank you
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