God Is Real
By: brendajimenez@comcast.net

I had chosen the cuttest kitten I could find from a litter that belonged to one of my husband's co-workers and took it home to my mother-in-laws house.  We were living with her because my husband and I married young and needed help while we got up on our feet.  While our stay there my nine year old sister in law always took my cat to play with it.  I would get a little upset but I understood she was only a child.  At that time, I was searching for God and was in the process of coming to know Jesus. As weeks passed by, I decided to let my sister in law have the kitten because she loved it so much.  She was so glad to call it hers and even invited some of her cousins to come over and see her new pet.  The house was full of kids spending the night and wanting to play with the kitten.  But it all went silent when we heard the cat yelp... Someone had accidently sat on the small cat.  I recall looking at the poor cat and thinking, "Oh, my dear cat, if only I had never given you away, you would be just fine."  As the cat was agonizing and ready to die, my mother-in-law picked it up and put it in a plastic bag to dispose of it.  All the kids were put in bed so they would not witness the death of the little kitten.  I remember asking her to let me see him.  She handed me the plastic bag and I put him on the couch.  I remember knowing he was going to make it because God is a healer.  I knelt down and prayed a silent prayer in my heart.  As I looked down at the cat, I realized it was hopeless and left my mother-in-laws house so that I too would not witness the death.  When I returned one hour later, my mother-in-law greeted me as well as all the children.  They were all so happy just jumping around and stating, "The cat is alive, he is alive!"  I looked at my mother in law just thinking to myself.. that is so cruel and that is not funny.  As I looked towards th e couch, I saw that little kitten jumping around ever so playfully.  I was so shocked and instantly knew my prayer was heard high above.  I joke not, that cat was injured so badly, his head would just dangled around as his breathing became more and more heavier.  My mother-in-law said, "Cats do have nine lives you know?" but I said, "No, it was the power of God in the name of Jesus!"


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