God's Love
By: brandondorsey@student.rsu.edu

This story I am about to tell is something that has changed my life forever. I was seventeen years old and it was right in the middle of my basketball season. I had been a Christian my whole life and loved God more than anything it was just that basketball was just a little too close to God. But, anyway it all started one night after a basketball game in the middle of the night I started having this pain in my head, the pain I felt cannot be described in words. I know there is some pain that is worse but I had never experienced anything like that before or since. I laid there shivering in pain for about 4 or 5 hours that night. Finally it went away, but I still did not feel good. So I went to the doctor and he said it was a severe ear infection and told me I could continue playing basketball so I did. A few weeks went by and I just felt worse and worse but basketball kept me wanting to play sick. Finally one day all of the sudden the pain that hit me that one night multiplied. I was so sick my parents practically carried me into the doctor. He gave me strong pain killers and sent me home and told my mom to keep in touch. The pain killers did not even touch the pain. I do not remember hardly anything for those next three days except a couple of things. I remember laying there on the couch feeling God had left me, I had already had two hospitalizations the past year, and I asked him to somehow someway show me that you still love me and are still with me. I just grew worse not even having the strength to even open my eyes I was checked into the emergency room. The doctor came in and said that they think it could be meningitis which is not good at all. That statement struck fear in my heart, then I felt these big arms wrapped around my chest, it was the most wonderful feeling I had ever felt in my life and I looked down at my chest and no physical being was there then I heard a voice saying that everything will be all right. I know it was the hands of God that wrapped around me and showed me how much God loves all of us. A little while after this the doctor came in and said they got to me in time and they caught it in time, before the infection actually went to my brain. I missed the rest of the basketball season but I felt his presence with me until I was 100% healed up. All of the pain and sorrow I felt through this time was worth it to have the feeling of the Lord's arms around me. I truly wish everyone could experience God's love like I did that day without the pain of course. This might not be miraculous to everyone but it meant the world to me. I just want everyone to know how much God loves us and is always faithful no matter what you go through. I truly thought he had left me but he proved once again that he is faithful and loves us more than we can ever imagine.

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