The Hand Of God

This is a testimony of what The Hand Of God has done for my son Timothy Demers
on August 4, about 5 weeks ago I was helping a neighbor out, by helping him mow his yard.
I was on my John Deere lawn tractor and was almost done mowing bow's lawn when I missed a spot, as I was backing up and looking over my right shoulder my 11 year old son Timothy came walking up on my left side. Where I could not see nor hear my son over the sound of the engine and he being where I could not see him. And at that moment his right foot got cot under the left tire of the tractor as I was backing up. Faster then a blink of an eye  my sons right foot went completely under the blade deck of the John Deere.
It felt like my hart seemed to stop, it felt like for ever, I jumped off the tractor and at that moment I know in my hart it was God that gave me the strength, with my left hand I lifted the tractor off my sons leg, and with my right hand I pulled his leg out from under the tractor.
In my hart and with my lips I was crying out JESUS, JESUS, JESUS, and at the same time in my head was also thinking, there's going to lots of blood and Tim's foot is going to be shredded to bit's. But as I pulled his foot out from under the tractor I saw that his shoe had been sliced rite of his foot, but there was not a single cut on his foot. It was completely in one peace.
At that point I tried to help my son Timothy to his feet. But when he went to stand on his right foot, his right foot gave out on him because of the pain.
At that point I got my son back home and put a zippy bag full of ice on his foot.
Within 35 minutes of getting the ice on him, we were on our way to Cape Canaveral hospital in Cocoa Beach Florida. That was around 7:30 PM when we entered the emergency room, the Doctors asked what happened, and they where in disbelief when I told them that his foot went under the blade deck of my John Deere tractor. Because there should have been a lot of trauma and most likely a missing foot, I told them that's because God set his angels over my son to protect him. But when they received back the X-ray's they saw a lot of broken bones and fractures. So they sent us to a specialist. The appointment was the begging of the next week when we were able to get in to see the specialist. They set his foot and set an appointment for the following week. And the following week when we had his next X-rays done they were amazed to see that his foot was almost completely healed. So they set another appointment for the following week. Well when we arrived and had another set of X-rays taken of Timothy's foot, the doctor could not explain it, but he said I don't know how but his foot is completely healed, and as I've been telling everyone scents it happened, that it's because of The Hand of God, that protected my sons foot, and it is God's Son Jesus that is the reason for Timothy's quick and total healing.
And this is just one of the many things that the hand of God has done in my Family's life over the years.  For his Son paid the price and shed his blood so we could be healed.
I pray that God will set a hedge of protection and bless all that read and hear this testimony, and that this will help strengthen your faith in what God is able to do in your life too.

PS my son Timothy does understand what Jesus and His heavenly Father has done for him.
But as most 11 year olds would think too, he thinks now that he is Super Boy

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