I Can Run
By: blondieangel33@aol.com

            Its six-thirty AM, and my alarm clock is buzzing at me, like every normal morning, annoying me. I don’t want to wake up form my comfortable, warm, and painless sleep world. I dread the idea of another pain-filled day. Half asleep, I hit the snooze, cringing in anticipation of the stabbing pain coming from my hips. Reaching over to grab my bottle of water and some ibuprofen to try to stop the pain before it becomes unbearable. Suddenly, I am wide-awake; there is no more pain! Praise my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. After three long agonizing years of pain, one moment in a humidity filled room changed it all, and changed my life.
            I thought back to February 22, 2009 when my church was hosting a visiting “healing” minister at our evening service. I wanted to go but kept thinking, ”Since I have been praying for God to heal my hips for almost three years and nothings has happened, what makes this night special?” Finally, though with the help of my best friend, I decided that one more time going would not hurt. After I made that decision to go that night, I felt a sense of fear and anxiety come over me. Like a 200 pound person sitting on my shoulders, I felt like I couldn’t or shouldn’t go. I was second-guessing myself about going, but then I realized that Satan was probably trying to stop me from going because he wants me to be in pain.
            As my best friend and I walked through the church’s front heavy wooden doors, I could smell the sweet smell of daisies and other flowers that were on the stage. Sitting down in the back row on the light greenish blue cushioned pew, I could feel my heart beating. I thought it was going to come out of my chest at any second, like the fizz from a pop bottle/can after shaking it. As the worship team started singing some songs, I was getting more and more nervous. I was in so much pain I had to sit down and take deep breaths. As I was breathing in and out trying to be calm, I started praying, asking God to calm my nerves, so I could feel his presence. As I reached into my purse to find some ibuprofen to kill my piercing pain, the special guest walked slowly up on the stage and said with his deep calming voice,” God can heal anyone tonight; you just have to believe in him.” He was fairly tall and had short dark brown hair with some gray around his temples. He was wearing a black nice suit with a white crisp shirt underneath with a red tie. He looked very friendly and like a man who followed God with all his heart every day. I decided that I was going to trust God, so I slowly opened my purse and put the pill bottle away. My palms were clammy and my whole body was tense, I could hear my heart thumping in my chest. 
            As I was twittering my thumbs, the pastor asked anyone who wanted to be healed tonight to please raise his or her hand. I was so nervous; I don’t like being the center of attention and I didn’t want everyone staring at me because of raising my hand. However before I knew it I had my hand raised, I thought I was literally going to throw up. As I made my way out of the pew, my best friend followed me for support, I was limping very badly because my pain in my hips was excruciating. As I stood in the front, my face feeling as if it was as red as a tomato. I felt like everyone was staring at me because there wasn’t a lot of people that came down to the front. As the visiting pastor came over to me and asked me what I wanted healing for, I told him in a shaky whisper, my lips barley moving. My hips, I said. He put his big hands close to my hips, letting them hover there and then started praying for my hips. I was trying so hard to concentrate on God and him healing my hips instead of everyone surrounding me praying loudly. Finally, I just felt God surround me; it almost felt like I was being lifted off my feet. My whole body went numb, like I was cooked spaghetti noodles when all of the sudden my hips felt like they were on fire for a split second. Then it felt like God had set me back down on the ground. I opened my eyes to see all of my friends and elders from the church praying for me, most all of them were crying. I started balling because I had no pain in my hips whatsoever! I was in shock! I told the people around me in a shaky, excited voice that I felt no pain. As they started praising God, I felt like I had to make sure that the pain was gone. I ran outside, I was speechless, I started sprinting; I hadn’t run in almost three years because it was too painful. I started shouting and praising God! I was so thrilled and excited that I didn’t notice the gravel on the pavement. I slipped and scratched up my hands, knees, and elbows; it felt like I was in slow motion. I got back up, thinking, I just fell, and I didn’t even care. I just started running again. Panting, I ran back inside the church. I ran up to the front still a little shocked and in awe of what just happened. I told the congregation that Jesus just healed my hips completely!
            To this day, December 18, 2009, I still have no pain whatsoever, I can run and my hips aren’t a problem anymore thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

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