The Picture
The other day I drew a picture. I analyzed that picture everyday for 2 weeks to make sure it was perfect, just the way that God wanted it drawn. Finally, the day came when I would be able to take it to my grammie. She was dying of cancer and by the time we got there, we could hear her last breaths. We stayed in the room with her for hours, with the picture propped up right in front of her, just waiting for her to open her eyes and see it. She never did. I waited next to her listening to her every rattling breath just hoping she would wake up. Suddenly I knew what I had to do. Crying, with the picture in hand, I ran to the elevator, and when the door opened on the next floor, I came face to face with a family I had never met before, also crying for their soon to be lost loved one. I told the woman standing there about my picture, about the amazing woman that I made it for, and God’s inspiration for it, and asked her if their family member would like to have it. She seemed so hopeless, but conjured up her best smile and said, “You’re more than welcome to take it in to him, but he has been really confused, and he won’t respond. I just want to prepare you.” As I walk in the room, I see a frail old man with oxygen tubes coming out of his nose, and I introduced myself, as his wife propped my picture up in the same place I had put it in my grammies room. I told him why I was giving him the picture and he said, “Thank you so much, how are you?” He went on to tell me his name and then said, “God bless you.” When I left, his family was in amazement of the miracle they had just experienced. My grammie died 3 hours later, but I know she loved her picture and would have done the same thing. Oh, and God sure did bless me.

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