God Loves Dogs!
By: bettyporter49@gmail.com

My neighbor had several dogs of which she just couldn't afford to take care of all of them so we took Dobie and the ten puppies only two days old. Dobie was a beautiful dog part chow and maybe Shepard? All golden with matching eyes and a good heart, very friendly, tho i thought she had a hard start in life.We had a large pen in the backyard and a large dog house so i put blankets down and fixed it all up for her. My boyfriend left for the weekend with strict instructions not to let the dog in the house. It was just me and Dobie for the weekend. Well it started to rain and rain. Puddles began to form around the  dog house and Dobie began to panic, pacing back and forth.  She was visible upset. I  ran over to my  other neighbors to get help moving the dog house to higher ground safe away from where the water was going. My neighbor looked at it and said we can't move that dog house, we will have to dig a trench to divert the water. We grabbed some shovels formed dams So it seemed to work and all was fine. That week i had asked anyone who would listen for help moving the dog house several feet and about a foot up to higher ground should it rain again. No one would help. I thought to myself god please help and started to push the dog house and it was soo easy it just moved all to easy as i guided it where it needed to be!!!!! I will never forget that. That was just too easy.Later my neighbor who helped me dig the trench ask me how i got it moved, so i told him. He just stared never said a word.I will just never in my life forget that day. I truly believe God loves dogs too!!!

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