My Miracle Story

Yesterday, after our tour of our new listings yesterday, (I am a realtor) I hurried to go to church that usually have a noon mass, Monday to Friday and thought that I could catch up with the rosary if I am too late for mass.  I arrived at the chapel and found out that  there was no mass that day and no rosary, so I just said my rosary by myself.  After the first mystery, I noticed that my rosary was shinning bright, I looked at it and saw that it was glowing yellow.  I put on my glasses and saw that it was shinning gold.  I could not believed my eyes and thought that my eyes may only be very tired, so I asked the woman next to me, (there were only 4 people in the chapel including me, 2 on the front row and a couple on the last row, about 10 feet away from us), can you tell me what is the color of this rosary?  She look at me and answered, it is gold.  I was aghast, couldn't believed it was happening, that morning, I picked my rosary from my dresser and it was white (silver), all white and now all the links and the silver covering the beads are all in gold.  My tears flowed in joyful acceptance that I now have a gold rosary.  The woman next to me told me that she has heard a lot of stories that rosaries are turning gold especially from people who came from a pilgrimage to Medjogore.  I showed the rosary to the woman in the back row as I made a  lot of noise and she also believed that there was a real change as she also told me that she has heard about rosaries turning gold and this is the first time she saw one.  I went home and called my friend who called me up the previous day and told me that the cross of her rosary also turned gold.  I told her that my rosary also turned gold.  I called up the other realtor who I was with 3 years ago when I bought this rosary from an antique store as a silver one and that it have just turn gold. That night I went to the Big prayer meeting at San Bruno where the Lady always let the people about her presence on the 4th mystery of the rosary, which is every Wednesday night.  I show it to the priest, the locotionist, and friends and the security guard who sees me almost every night at the chapel for the Exposition of the Holy Eucharist and he is the most excited one.

I'd like to share this with you too, yesterday but I was so tired and plan to e-mail the story today.  I could not believe this myself, so I always check my rosary and see if the color stays the same.  I held it last night, the whole night and check it when I woke up and the color is still the same.  I showed it to my best friend Agnes and she is as joyful as I am.  She has seen a lot of rosaries that have the cross turn gold, sometimes just the parts of the body of Jesus, and she is very happy for me as only the cross remained silver and she told me that figure of Jesus body will also turn gold someday.

This is my miracle, my blessing, the answer to my doubt, I thought God have forgotten me, that the Blessed Mother is too busy and yesterday she acknowlege my prayers.  The night before it happened, I was reading all the angel stories I printed so I could read them at bed time.  Lo and behold, the next day, was my turn to have the blessing and miracle.

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